This is an easy recipe if you, like me, get bored of the usual toasted bread for breakfast and would like an alternative.

This loaf is soft and has an amazing flavour, is poor in calories and is also perfect for your children’s snack, served toasted with butter and jam.


150 gr Rye flour

150 gr Kamut flour

100 gr Rice flour (you can easily swap these flours for 400 gr of conventional all purpose flour)

150 gr sourdough Yeast or 1 teaspoon of dry Yeast

3 tablespoons Coconut butter

3 tablespoons Agave syrup

50 gr whole roast Hazelnuts

80 gr pitted Prunes

1 teaspoon di ground 4 Spices (ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon)

150 gr cooked Pumpkin

1 organic Orange zest




Mash the cooked pumpkin with a fork until nice and creamy.

Chop the pitted prunes in tiny pieces.

If you are using Sourdough Yeast:

If you are using sourdough, knead all the ingredients together the night before the day you plan to bake your sweet loaf.

Add a little water if necessary, knead until the dough is smooth and compact.

Put the dough in a container with a lid on and leave all night to leaven, making sure the top is slightly open to let some air in.

If you used sourdough yeast, on baking day take the dough and knead it again, give it its loaf shape and place it in a tin to leaven for 3/4 hours in a warm place with a temperature not below 21°C.

Bake in a pre heated oven at 190°C for 20/25 minutes.

If you are using fresh or dry Yeast:

If you are using fresh or dry yeast the procedure is a lot more simple: use half a cube of fresh yeast or dissolve the dry yeast in half a cup of lukewarm water, add a teaspoon of raw cane sugar, knead all ingredients together and put your loaf in a tin.

2 hours will be enough for the bread to double its size.


Bake in a pre heated oven at 190°C for 20/25 minutes.



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